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Injection Tote Boxes

ESD Stacking Bin

  • Fabricated from injection molded, polypropylene base resin.
  • Conductive range : < 10 5 ohm / sq.
  • Durable.
  • High Impact strength.
  • Maximum space strength.
  • Easy and efficient storage.
  • Provides easy identification.
  • Easy to affex labels and bar codes.

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  • Overview

ESD stacking bins offers safe and efficient storage of small components. It comes in three different materials to meet specific needs of today's parts and handling requirements.

Nat - Refers to natural polypropylene-base resin products. They are impact resistant. durable and have a high chemical resistivity. All products in this category comes in various colour.

CAS- Conductive polypropylene- base material. This material contains a carbon additive to provide an electrically conductive path through the material. This material had a surface resistivity of less than 10 5 ohm / sq. all products in this category are black in colour.

BAS - Static dissipative polypropylene-base material. It had a surface resistivity of more than 10 5 ohms / sq and less than 10 12 ohms / sq. All products in this category are blue in colour.

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