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EDesco Bench Top Ionizer

Desco Ionizing Air Gun

Model : 50645

  • Point-Of-Use Compressed Air Ionizer
  • Neutralize electrostatic charges to eliminate attraction, visual imperfections, and contamination issues by dislodging charged dust and debris
  • Fast < 1 second Discharge Time with ±30 volt offset voltage balance
  • For use with multiple requirements where static charges may generate
  • Modular Design with 7 Foot ESD Protective Hose with Trigger SwitchAllows operators freedom of motion and minimizes awkward or unsupported positions
  • Use Filtered Air or Nitrogen – No Adjustment Required
  • Allows for quick change between air supply
  • Console Mounting Hardware Included
  • Allows Chargebuster Ion Gun to mounted in convenient location
  • Quick filter replacement feature
  • Minimizes down time
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty
  • Low Ozone Emissions – tests well below the OSHA limit of 0.05 ppm ozone
  • Overview

The EMIT 50645, 50644 Chargebuster Ion Gun is a Point-of-Use Ionizer. It uses compressed air or nitrogen to neutralize static charges in localized areas. Most companies address ElectroStatic Attraction, visual imperfections, and contamination issues by dislodging charged dust and debris with compressed air ionizers. "There is sometimes a need to provide static control in a small defined area or location. This may be done to provide static control within production equipment, in mini-environments, or to facilitate particle removal from part of a product. Ionizers used for this purpose may be blow-off guns or nozzles that work with a supply of compressed air or nitrogen. They may use either nuclear, soft x-ray or any of the previously described types of corona ionization technology. It will be important to choose a method of ionization and cleanliness of the gas supply that is appropriate to the work area." (ESD handbook ESD TR20.20 section Point-Of-Use Ionization)

The modular and ergonomic design includes an ESD protective flexible hose and is easily controlled by depressing the trigger. The EMIT 50645, 50644 Chargebuster Ion Gun meets or exceeds the required limits of ANSI/ESD S20.20 when tested in accordance with ANSI/ESD S3.1 and ESD TR53.

Compact and lightweight, the Chargebuster Ion Gun's console can be mounted anywhere on the workstation for easy access. The console connects to any supply of clean dry air or nitrogen, and an internal disposable filter collects residual particles, oil and moisture. The console, gun, and air hose are static-dissipative. The 7 foot hose allows for convenient neutralization of localized areas where desired.

The Chargebuster Ion Gun reduces a static charge of ±1000 V down to ±100 V in less than one second at a distance of six inches (30-psi /0.2MPa inlet pressure). Refer to the ESD Association ANSI/ESD Standard STM3.1 for the test procedure. The offset voltage (balance) is within ±30 V of zero at a distance of six inches, significantly less than the required limits of < ±50 volts per ANSI/ESD S20.20.

"Necessary non-conductors in the environment cannot lose their electrostatic charge by attachment to ground. Ionization systems provide neutralization of charges on these necessary non-conductive items (circuit board materials and some device packages are examples of necessary non-conductors). Assessment of the ESD hazard created by electrostatic charges on the necessary nonconductors in the work place is required to ensure that appropriate actions are implemented, commensurate with risk to ESDS [ESD sensitive] items". (ANSI/ESDS20.20-2007 Foreword)

"The primary method of static charge control is direct connection to ground for conductors, static dissipative materials, and personnel. A complete static control program must also deal with isolated conductors that cannot be grounded, insulating materials (e.g., most common plastics), and moving personnel who cannot use wrist or heel straps or ESD control flooring and footwear. Air ionization is not a replacement for grounding methods. It is one component of a complete static control program. Ionizers are used when it is not possible to properly ground everything and as backup to other static control methods. In clean rooms, air ionization may be one of the few methods of static control available." (ESD Handbook TR20.20 Ionization, section

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Tested To Standard

  • ANSI / ESD S20.20
  • ANSI / ESD S3.1

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