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Products / Test & Audit Equipments / Auditing Kits / PSK-310 ESD System Analysis Kit

PSK-310 ESD System Analysis Kit

  • PRS-801 Resistance System Set
  • PFK-100 Electrostatic Field Meter Set
  • PDT-740B Static Decay Timer
  • PHT-771 Digital Psychrometer
  • PGT-61-164 SureTest® Circuit Analyzer
  • PRF-911 Concentric Ring Set
  • PAR-809C Variable Resistance Reference
  • PRS-801-W 5 lbs Conductive Rubber Electrodes (2)
  • PRS-800CS Cable Spacers Set - 36" & 10"
  • PWS-610M Fabric Band Wrist Straps
  • PWS-620 Metal Band Wrist Straps
  • 1 each Q007 Grounding Cube
  • PSC-010 Pony 3202 - 2 inch Spring Clamp
  • PRS-801-WW Electrode Cleaning Wipes (5)
  • PK-2/300 SKB Carrying Case with Handle and Wheels
  • PAB-023 Accessories Box
  • User Manual
  • Overview

The PSK-310 Kit is the choice of advanced professionals and the ultimate in advanced auditing and material testing. The PSK-310 includes all of the equipment in the PAK-210 Kit and adds the Prostat PRF-911 Concentric Ring Fixture and the PTB-920 Dual Test Bed for surface and volume resistivity measurements of packaging and other flat materials.

The unique PRF-911 Concentric Ring Fixture is used with the PRS-801 resistance meter for reliable measurement of packaging material resistance and resistivity. It is used with the PTB-920 Dual Sided Test Bed to make resistance measurements recommended by EIA-541 (ASTM D 257) and ANSI/ESD S11.11-1993 guidelines for surface resistance and volume resistivity measurements. Because of its spring loaded center electrode, the PRF-911 Concentric Ring Fixture maintains even contact with materials under test and minimizes the need for frequent recalibration.

The PSK-310 also incorporates the new PRS-801 Resistance System and software, the ESD System Analysis Kit is the most advanced static control measurement and auditing system available today.

Also included is the PHT-771 for temperature and humidity readings, modified wrist straps for instrument and personnel grounding, a common point ground adapter plug, clamps, clips and an operator's manual. It is all contained in a molded carrying case with retractable handle and wheels.

Not only is the PSK-310 the preferred choice of ESD industry professionals, internationally, it is easily customized to meet the most demanding auditing or process evaluation requirements.

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Tested To Standard

  • ANSI/ESD S1.1 Wrist Straps
  • ANSI/ESD S2.1 Garments
  • STM3.1 Ionization
  • ANSI/ESD S4.1 Worksurfaces
  • ANSI/ESD S6.1 Grounding
  • ANSI/ESD S7.1 Flooring
  • ESD SP9.2 Footwear
  • ANSI/ESD STM11.11 Surface Resistance
  • ANSI/ESD STM11.12 Volume Resistance
  • ANSI/STM 12.1 Seating
  • ANSI/ESD SP15.1 Gloves
  • ANSI/ESD STM97.1 Floor & Footwear
  • EIA S541 Packaging Material Resistance Classification

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