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PRS-801RM Surface Resistance System Kit

  • PRS-801 Resistance Meter
  • PRS-800BLB 10 foot Shielded Test Lead - Black
  • PRS-800LR 10 foot Silicone Test Lead - Red
  • PRS-801CIC Computer Input Cable
  • PRS-801SSL Shielded Test Lead
  • PRS-801TVL High Resistance Voltage Test Lead
  • PRS-801CC Calibration Shunt
  • PTB-915 Audit Test Bed
  • PRS-801CON USB 2.0 to RS232 Serial DB9 Converter
  • PRS-801BC Bulldog Clip
  • PSI-870MAC Metal Clip (2)
  • PRS-801-W 5 lbs Conductive Rubber Electrodes (2)
  • PMK-151 Carrying Case
  • PAB-023 Accessories Box
  • User Manual
  • Overview

Battery Operated. Wide Range. Digital.

The digital, battery operated PRS-801 Resistance Instrument accurately measures resistance point-to-point(Rtt), surface to ground (Rtg) and surface resistivity over the range of 0.1 ohms to 2.0x1014 ohms.

Its constant test voltage system is extremely stable at 10 volts and 100 volts.

Complies to ANSI/ESD Standards

The PRS-801 will measure resistance in accordance with ESD Association documents:

  • ESD TR53
  • ANSI/ESD S4.1
  • ANSI/ESD S7.1
  • ANSI/ESD STM97.1

Repeatable Measurements

The Surface Resistance System Kit insludes 2 PRS-801-W Rubber Electrodes which are precision milled resistance probes with conductive rubber pad for use when making point-to-point or point-to-ground resistance measurements. Used for qualifying or testing ESD floors, worksurfaces, floor mats or any flat object, the probes produces repeatable measurements in accordance with ESD Association standards.

High Quality Test Leads

Prostat’s 10 foot test leads supplied with each PRS-801 consist of hundreds of fine strands of copper that offer flexibility and accuracy. The outer insulation of each test lead is high grade silicon with an extremely high resistance to minimize measurement errors. These leads are designed for convenient audit measurements in the manufacturing environment up to 1.0x1012 Ω.

The 30 inch high performance test lead harness is designed for PRS-801 precision high resistance measurements in the 1011 to 1014 range. It includes a shielded (-) negative test lead for accuracy and minimum electrical interference from personnel and equipment. The shield is connected directly to the PRS-801 instrument reference and fixture ground.

Download Data with Included Utility Software

The PRS-801 has the capability of recording up to 80 measurements into memory. With the use of the included Utility Software and USB adapter, it can download the stored data to your Excel® Spreadsheet program. This minimizes transposition mistakes and speeds up precision measurements. The PRS-801 connects to your computer’s USB port and quickly transfers the data into Excel.

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Tested To Standard

  • STM3.1 Ionization

Use This Product with

  • Ionizer

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