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Wrist Strap Monitor 898-1

Multi- Mount Continuous Monitor

Model : 19236

  • Constantly monitoring the wrist strap,
  • Full Time Dual Status LED indicator on the front panel.
  • Audible alarm
  • Park Snap feature

19234 Multi Mount continuous monitor

  • Overview

Leading companies use continuous monitors as a cost effective component in satisfying the paragraph 6.1.3 Compliance Verification Plan requirements of ANSI/ESD S20.20. The Desco Multi-Mount Continuous Monitor continuously monitors the integrity of one operator. This monitor will provide virtually instantaneous notification of static control equipment failures, eliminating the need of periodic testing and costly record keeping. This unit is highly cost effective as it is designed to monitor any conventional single wire wrist strap and ground cord system. Its small package and mounting tabs with holes make it highly suitable to install on most any equipment or work bench surface. In addition, optional mounting is available using the provided adhesive-backed Velcro® strips. Using either mounting method makes the Multi-Mount Monitor suitable for most any machinery or workbench even in hard to reach locations.

The Multi-Mount Continuous Monitor is a real time instrument that ensures that critical ESD generators in a sensitive area are effectively grounded. The instant an operator’s wrist strap or cord fails, the monitor will issue audible and visual (LEDs) alarms alerting the user and supervisor of the problem. All Desco single-wire monitors with wave distortion technology include the Park Snap feature. Use the
Park Snap to store the operator’s wrist cord and enable standby mode while the operator is away from the workstation. Before disconnecting the coil cord from the wristband, the operator touches the Park Snap to disable the audio alarm for 6 seconds. Within the 6 second period, the operator can disconnect their wrist cord from their wristband and attach it to the Park Snap before the audible alarm sounds.


Many customers are eliminating periodic testing and are utilizing continuous monitoring to better ensure that their products were manufactured in an ESD protected environment. Full time continuous monitoring is superior to periodic or pulsed testing, and can save
a significant amount of money in testing costs and rejected product. Periodic testing detects failures after ESD susceptible products have been manufactured. The costs of dealing with the resulting catastrophic or latent defects can be considerable. Multi-Mount
Continuous Monitors eliminate the need for users to test wrist straps and log the results; by their function, these monitors satisfy the ISO 9000 and ANSI/ESD S20.20 test logging. ANSI/ESD S20.20 Paragraph Personnel Grounding Guidance states “A log
should be maintained which verifies that personnel have tested their personal grounding devices.” Per ESD-S1.1 Paragraph 6.1.3 “Daily (wrist strap system) testing may be omitted if constant monitoring is used.”

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